If you have purchased a home in recent years you are probably familiar with the home warranty. You may have even filed a claim under your home warranty and found out that the HVAC was not covered or that it doesn’t cover septic pumps. Making sure your realtor asks for the coverage you need is imperative because not all home warranties are created equal. Many sellers will provide a home warranty with the home that transfers to the purchaser at closing but please make sure you look over what it covers. You can’t always add additional coverage after the closing and finding out your HVAC isn’t covered on a 100 degree day is not a good scenario. Some of the things a typical items a home warranty does not cover without adding (and paying for) additional coverage are:

  • Septic systems

  • Pool and Spa equipment

  • HVAC and remember if your home has more that one unit you need additional coverage for that as well.

  • Booster pumps

  • Well pump

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If you have questions about specific coverage please ask your realtor before you make an offer on a home because you must be specific with additional coverage needs if you are asking the seller to provide the warranty. Otherwise you may be stuck with something you can’t really use at all and a large repair bill. Home warranties are great to ease the burden of first year home ownership if you just take the time to make sure its the right coverage for your home.