Accountability Act and the Huntsville Real Estate Market Pt.1

With the passing of the new accountability act which allows students in failing school districts to opt in at another school of their choice I think this will significantly improve the sale-ability of homes in these failing districts. If you take the concern of school district out of the home buying process you now have ares of town that before did not compete for the same buyer competing. It is a known fact you can get more house for the money in certain areas of town and for many buyers it is all about the most bang for your buck and those buyers have been shying away from failing districts if they have school age children, intend to in the future or are concerned about resale options.

I read an article in the Huntsville Times yesterday that stated that areas of north Huntsville with failing schools would be affected negatively if these schools were closed due to low enrollment. I disagree with this theory. How can a failing school be better for your area than no school at all? Having no school and changing to a passing district can only help resale and values. But I go back to my prior statement that if you take the school district out of the buying algorithm then you have opened up a ton of available homes for buyers to look at.

It will be very interesting to see how home buyers respond to this change and if my theory proves right that homes in failing districts will become more desirable because parents can choose the school. If you want to put your child in a district closer to your office you can do so or if you want them near Grandma you can do so. I have mixed feelings about the bill in general and think it is going to hurt home sales in some of the highest scoring districts because I don’t need to buy in the district I want my children to go which opens a whole different discussion which I will talk about in my next blog.

What do you think? Do you agree with my theory or do you think homes in failing districts will be hardest hit with this change?


2 thoughts on “Accountability Act and the Huntsville Real Estate Market Pt.1

  1. kim says:

    Im no real estate agent, but the quality of schools is an often used criteria for homebuyers. The exodus of the current students, i would imagine, would often lead to the theory that there is something wrong with the area in question and i would be ready to field those questions. Personally, I would rather live in a smaller house that serves a nicer school district than a larger house in a failing school district.

    • I can see that point of view as well but I guess the bigger question is that once the children from the failing schools transfer to passing schools will the same schools still hold the highest scores and therfore be the most desirable or are we taking area and school district out of the equation with this law? I don’t know the right answer but time will tell and I do think it will improve home sales in failing districts and may lead to clean up in some of those areas and future marketability of those homes. But the flip side of that is it could hurt the home values in passing school districts if scores start to change due to the new law. It is a lot to debate and could be a great thing or a nightmare who knows?

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