Color palette

Whenever I meet a new client to list their home, interior and exterior paint colors are always a hot topic so I thought I would address it here. You have one opportunity to catch a potential buyer and you can lose that opportunity if the pictures of your home online are not just right or if the drive-by first impression is lacking. Get your personal taste out of your mind and think about a model home. When you go look at a builder’s model home do you see electric blue shutters or orange walls? No and that’s because they research what appeals to buyers and tend to be conservative with color choices. Your exterior siding should be tan, gray, pale yellow, white or cream with accenting trim colors of black, navy, maroon, or dark green. Interior colors must be muted hues and popular choices are tan, pale gray, or cream. Stay away from white because buyers look at that as an expense as they will need to have it painted. If you want color pops stick to dining rooms, office space, and kitchens.

gray interiorpaintedbrick

Gray is taking the place of tan as the trendy interior color palette and grays should be muted and with a bright hue. Not the dreary gray of days past today’s gray is bright and light illuminating. If you have a brick home that looks dated and tired you can opt to paint the brick. Painted brick is a great way to give a dated house new life and appeal to buyers. Paint colors here should be tan, taupe or gray think traditional with trim accents.

If you have more questions about color hues feel free to contact me or if you want to update your home before selling I can come out and advise you which updates will result in a return on your investment.


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