Why I should list my house in the winter

Would you like to sell your home but want to wait until spring to list because you have been told that is best time to list. Well, I am going to give you a few reasons why you should list now and why waiting until spring is only going to cost you $$$.

For years Realtors have been telling clients to wait to list their homes in spring saying there are more buyers out looking and that it will be easier to sell when the weather is nice and flowers are blooming. This is simply not the case! While it is a fact more buyers are out house shopping in the spring it is also a fact that all your neighbors or that wonderful house two streets over have been told the same thing you have and they are listing their house in the spring as well. Can you see where this could be a problem? Now all these new buyers that are out looking for a new home suddenly have more houses in your area and price range to pick from and that causes prices to start dropping.

In real estate our prices are driven by inventory (simple supply and demand) and if there are a dozen homes in your area that just listed your home became less valuable to a potential buyer. Believe it or not many serious buyers are out looking to buy a new home over the holidays because they have time off work to dedicate to it and the children are home as well. Winter buyers are serious buyers and can’t you see how if you are one of two listings in your area that a buyer previews then your marketability just increased ten fold and your ability to negotiate an offer has increased as well.

So if you are on the fence about listing during the winter months get off that fence and list your home before your neighbor does and lists for 10k less than you wanted to.TIme is $$ and there is never a better time than today. November was an impressive month in our market and I don’t anticipate December or January to be any different.


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