3 things to do to help sell your home

In today’s competitive housing market there are several things all sellers can do to help the sell their house.

  1. The most important thing is price. Everyday your house is on the market and not priced correctly you are losing potential buyers and your listing is aging. When buyers look for a house they set up specific price ranges to search and maybe you are willing to come down to their range but unless you have your home priced right they will never see it in a search to even consider it an option. You need to make sure your price is driven by actual comparatives – homes that have sold in your neighborhood or area if you are rural. You can price your home however you want and even accept an offer at your full list price but if your house cannot appraise for the sales price you will have to renegotiate with the buyer so they can secure lending.
  2. Curb appeal – This is sometimes overshadowed by interior amenities but making sure your home looks appealing to potential buyers from the street is extremely important. Many buyers look for a new home online and then drive-by before calling their agent to see the interior. So while you may feel that any potential buyer will fall in love with the interior of your home you have to get them through the front door and that is where curb appeal can be the thing that sells your home. So make sure you keep the grass cut, hedges and shrubs trimmed, and sidewalk clean of debris. For an added bonus put a few potted plants on the front porch or a nice welcoming wreath on the front door. Don’t overlook the gutters as overflowing gutters are a sign of homeowner neglect and can turn away buyers.
  3. Clutter – Before listing your home make sure you clean up the clutter. If you need to rent an exterior storage container to do it then make that sacrifice. It is better to have the container in the driveway and a clutter free home than to have your home overfull of contents so potential buyers miss its charm and space. A cluttered home can make buyers feel that the space is small. You want the home to feel spacious and open so buyers can see their items in the home and plan spaces.

Keep these three things in mind before trying to sell your home and know that any one of them can be a deterrent but if you do all three you will have interested buyers and traffic.


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