Customer Service

Having relocated back to Huntsville from Northern VA after 17 years I was surprised by the lack of customer service in the Huntsville real estate market. I spent 5 years of my career in IT management at one of the largest real estate companies in the US and that gave me a great insight to how the successful real estate agent runs his/her business and customer service must always be a #1 priority so when I became the consumer and started calling local agents about their listings so I could view the home I was taken aback with the delay in response time. On many occasions I would not receive a return call for 5 business days. I am sure I speak for many of you when I say after 5 business days I was no longer interested even if I felt it was the home of my dreams.

At that moment I decided that I had a unique skill set to offer this market and that after years of developing tools to help agents be more successful I was going to take on the role as real estate agent. With a personal promise that I will ALWAYS respond to you within 24 hours of your request I am putting customer service at the top of my priorities.

The Huntsville market is such a dynamic and exciting market with a large inventory of amazing homes and incredible affordability. Whether you want to live on the top of a mountain with an amazing city view or in the valley with an in-ground pool to die for Huntsville has it to offer. It a great time to sell as I have many buyers on standby waiting for that perfect house to list and a great time to buy. Home affordability is at a 42 year low so if you are on the fence about purchasing vs. renting now is the time to make the leap.


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