Current Flip Pics

As we are wrapping up our current flip we still have two others we are working on and closing on a new one in a few days. This is something we love and do all the work ourselves with our crew. It is so rewarding to see them when they are finished and how people … Continue reading Current Flip Pics


Tales from a REALTOR®

Episode #1 As a real estate professional, we come across many situations and some crazier and more unbelievable than others. I plan to write this series of blogs that contain some of my crazy stories. For today's story, we will call it "Billionaire boyfriend" Last year I went on a listing appointment in a golf course … Continue reading Tales from a REALTOR®


If you have purchased a home in recent years you are probably familiar with the home warranty. You may have even filed a claim under your home warranty and found out that the HVAC was not covered or that it doesn't cover septic pumps. Making sure your realtor asks for the coverage you need is … Continue reading WHAT IS COVERED UNDER A HOME WARRANTY


As a home buyer I am sure you have tons of questions you would like to ask a lender before starting the process of getting a pre-approval to purchase a home. I took some of the questions I am asked the most and asked our lender partner, Theresa Leslie with Interlinc Mortgage to answer them … Continue reading QUESTIONS FOR OUR LENDER PARTNER THERESA LESLIE